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Umoja Coin - A Safe Crypto

A United Africa

 Umoja Coin was created and launched by a driven group of people residing in East Africa - the heart of Africa. They envisioned a future united Africa emerging out of unity and closeness , and one of the logical steps had to be a single currency thought. 


The Vision of Umoja Coin (UMC) is to eliminate financial obstacles and unite the African people as one on an African continent free of limitations. 


Empower Africa by implementing a single currency and eliminating financial obstacles when performing inter-continent transactions. Further, educating the African people about the endless possibilities of using a single currency across the continent. 


Africa possesses the majority of all minerals found on this planet, Africa represent the majority of farmland, and yet we are kept in poverty and shackles. UMC represent only in tiny fraction of the solution to breaking the bad spiral, and we believe UMC will spark the future. 

Get to know the Co-Founders

The Co-founders all represent the solid backbone of Africa, young professionals, well-educated and driven, exposed and open-minded. The Co-Founders will each have access to a Digital Wallet containing their issued coins. Co-founders wait up to 24 months before they have full access to the issued coins.

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