Umoja Coin
Origins in the Heart of Africa

The genesis of Umoja Coin is deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the Masai tribe in East Africa. Initiated by BornMatthew The Founder of Umoja Coin,and a Masai himself, the currency was born from a keen observation of the economic hurdles his people faced during transactions across national borders. These borders, artificial lines drawn without regard for the longstanding history and movements of the Masai, created unnecessary financial burdens for a community accustomed to a life without such divides.

Expanding on this observation, BornMatthew envisioned Umoja Coin as a tool to transcend these imposed limitations. The Masai, with a history that stretches back centuries, have always been a symbol of resilience and adaptability. Umoja Coin taps into this spirit, offering a modern solution to an age-old problem — facilitating smoother, borderless trade within the tribe and beyond.

Umoja Coin thus stands as more than just a digital currency; it’s a beacon of hope and unity. It’s designed to ease the financial transactions not only for the Masai but also for the wider African continent, bridging gaps and bringing communities closer in an economically divided world. This coin is a step towards redefining African economic interactions, aligning with the continent’s rich history and vibrant future.

Umoja Coin - A Safe Crypto

A United Africa

 Umoja Coin was created and launched by a driven group of people residing in East Africa - the heart of Africa. They envisioned a future united Africa emerging out of unity and closeness , and one of the logical steps had to be a single currency thought. 


The Vision of Umoja Coin (UMC) is to eliminate financial obstacles and unite the African people as one on an African continent free of limitations. 


Empower Africa by implementing a single currency and eliminating financial obstacles when performing inter-continent transactions. Further, educating the African people about the endless possibilities of using a single currency across the continent. 


Africa possesses the majority of all minerals found on this planet, Africa represent the majority of farmland, and yet we are kept in poverty and shackles. UMC represent only in tiny fraction of the solution to breaking the bad spiral, and we believe UMC will spark the future. 

Management Team

Umoja Coin's Executive Visionaries

The Management Team of Umoja Coin embodies the spirit of innovation and empowerment. With a deep-rooted commitment to Africa’s growth, they’re not just experts in their fields—they’re passionate advocates for financial inclusivity.

Their mission: to unlock the immense potential of unbanked Africans, offering them a platform to thrive in the global economy.

Meet The Team

Bornmathew Nuru

Bornmathew Nuru

CEO and Co-Founder
Bornmathew Nuru is the driving force behind UmojaCoin, blending finance and tech to open up the world of crypto to everyone. He's more than a CEO; he's a leader who listens and a visionary making a positive impact. In his downtime, Bornmathew is a family man passionate about tech. His mission with UmojaCoin? To unite all Africans and provide banking for the unbanked
Sam Tarimo

Sam Tarimo

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Sam Tarimo, stepping into the role of COO, brings a wealth of experience in operations and management. A problem-solver, he's dedicated to streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. Outside work, Sam enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with family. His goal at UmojaCoin? To optimize operations, fostering teamwork and innovation.
Jimray Nangawe

Jimray Nangawe

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Jimray Nangawe, as the Chief Strategy Officer, embodies a fusion of strategic insight and entrepreneurial zeal. He excels in identifying long-term opportunities and mitigating risks in the crypto world. His passion for innovation drives him to align trading strategies with UmojaCoin's broad objectives. In his leisure, Jimray is an avid reader and enjoys exploring.


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Join us as the Chief Marketing Officer at UmojaCoin, where your natural communication skills and persuasive personality will shine. Ideal for someone who masters the intricacies of modern marketing and Web3, this role requires a visionary who can connect with audiences and lead our marketing to new heights. Your expertise will be pivotal in shaping UmojaCoin's pre


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
We're looking for a Chief Financial Officer at UmojaCoin, a role pivotal for someone with a deep understanding of finance in the dynamic world of crypto and blockchain. The ideal candidate will navigate financial complexities with ease, driving fiscal strategy and stewardship. Your financial acumen will play a crucial role in guiding UmojaCoin's growth and stabili.
Yanni Lesso

Yanni Lesso

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Yanni Lesso, an eclectic blend of a generalist and specialist, steps in as the interim Chief Technology Officer at UmojaCoin. With his African roots and borderless perspective, Yanni, a PhD holder, brings a unique depth to our tech landscape. He is set to steer our technology with a broad yet precise vision, harmonizing innovation with our core objectives.

Get to know the Co-Founders
- The Original Gang

At the heart of Umoja Coin lies a group of visionary individuals, our Co-founders, often referred to as the ‘Original Gang’. Each one of them embodies the dynamic spirit of Africa: young, well-educated, and driven professionals who are both exposed to diverse cultures and remarkably open-minded. Their collective input, insight, vision, dreams, hopes, and ideas have been instrumental in shaping Umoja Coin.

As a symbol of their commitment and belief in the project, each Co-founder possesses a Digital Wallet containing their issued coins, with full access granted after a 24-month period. This approach reflects their dedication to the long-term success and stability of Umoja Coin.

Bornmathew Nuru

As CEO and a native of Tanzania, Bornmathew's expertise in finance and investment is pivotal in steering Umoja Coin. His vision for a digital economy in Africa is coupled with his deep understanding of financial markets and his passion for African unity and economic empowerment.

Job Ephraim

Job, from Tanzania, brings over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, vital for Umoja Coin's market positioning. His background in regional development planning enhances his ability to understand and navigate the diverse economic landscapes of Africa.

Brenda Otieno

Hailing from Kenya, Brenda's expertise in insurance and risk management adds a crucial layer of security and stability to Umoja Coin. Her skills in underwriting and deep understanding of the African insurance market are instrumental in risk assessment.

Umuhoza Marie

Umuhoza, a Rwandan national, bolsters Umoja Coin with her skills in business administration and accounting. Her expertise is vital for the financial integrity and strategic planning of the project. Additionally, her understanding of business dynamics in the African context enriches the project..

Gasigwa Danton

Danton, also from Rwanda, utilizes his journalism and broadcasting experience to manage Umoja Coin's public relations and communications, a key aspect in building credibility and trust in the project.

Edgar Jonas

Edgar, a Tanzanian co-founder, leverages his extensive experience in telecommunications and business administration to contribute to Umoja Coin's technological and administrative growth.

Jimray Stevens

As an entrepreneur from Tanzania with a background in aviation and project management, Jimray brings a unique perspective on strategic planning and operational efficiency to Umoja Coin.

Irene Nuru

Irene, a lawyer from Tanzania, adds significant value with her experience in legal frameworks, training, and community motivation, ensuring Umoja Coin adheres to legal standards and promotes community engagement.

Samson Tarimo

Samson, with his Tanzanian heritage and expertise in finance and investment, is key in guiding the financial strategy and investment decisions of Umoja Coin, especially in the dynamic field of blockchain.

Emmanuel Magoto Tutuki

Emmanuel from Tanzania brings a diverse background, including tourism and security, providing Umoja Coin with insights into various industry dynamics and enhancing its adaptability in different sectors.

Ebenezery Arjanson

Ebenezery, a Tanzanian, specializes in business branding and digital marketing, skills critical for Umoja Coin's brand development and online engagement in the competitive crypto space.

Issa Amani

Issa, a web developer from Tanzania, ensures the technological robustness of Umoja Coin, focusing on user-friendly and secure digital platforms, crucial in the tech-centric world of cryptocurrencies.