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Umoja (UMC) is the new African currency connecting and enabling all Africans all across the continent, and all Afros all over the world.

Umoja Coin - A safe Crypto


Umoja Coin was created and launched by a driven group of people residing in East Africa – the heart of Africa. They envisioned a future united Africa emerging out of unity and closeness, and one of the logical steps had to be a single currency thought.


The Co-founders all represent the solid backbone of Africa, young professionals, well-educated and driven, exposed and open-minded. #Co_founderprofile


The Co-Founders will each have access to a Digital Wallet containing their issued coins. Co-founders wait up to 24 months before they have full access to the issued coins.


The Co- Founders will bear the biggest risk, with a lock up of their investment for up to 24 months.


The Vision of Umoja Coin (UMC) is to eliminate financial obstacles and unite the African people as one on an African continent free of limitations


Empower Africa by implementing a single currency and eliminating financial obstacles when performing inter-continent transactions. Further, educating the African people about the endless possibilities of using a single currency across the continent.


A Future of One People, One Continent, One Currency. That’s the vision behind UMC, and we truly believe that it's about time for Africa to stand up for itself. Africa possesses the majority of all minerals found on this planet, Africa represents the majority of farmland, and yet we are kept in poverty and shackles. UMC represents only a tiny fraction of the solution to breaking the bad spiral, and we believe UMC will spark the future.

Secure your seat in the
Revised African History

Removing financial limitations

A great deal of Africans do not have access to traditional banking, hence being suppressed by the denial of basic financial transactions. The entry barrier for opening a bank account, let alone obtaining a debit or credit card can be nearly impossible, yet not attainable. We see no justification for this fact, and we aim to empower every single African individual by providing them access to financial freedom residing in UMC.

Disregarding unfair boundaries & borders

The bitter truth is that Africa is a scarred continent; scarred by colonists who divided this magnificent vast land into several smaller governed countries, each with its own legislation, currency, and other limitations. Even to this day, only the colonists benefit from this scarring system. Though the nature of colonists changed form into banks and other financial institutions, it is still here. We will enable African people to perform transactions across Africa using UMC in real time. Imagine a world where a carpenter in South Africa can conduct a business transaction with a farmer in Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo or Kenya, using the same currency and without any transaction costs. Plus, both parties would rightfully get total value for their money. Umoja Coin (UMC) is the Answer & Solution.

UMOJA Technology
UMOJA is built on Polygon Blockchain.

Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly Apps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security. Polygon is a crypto asset that can provide opportunities for crypto investors to earn significant profits.


Umoja is based on 1.5 billion Coins (1,500,000,000) representing the number of predicted inhabitants on the African Continent in 2025.

Types of interests

Total for trading platforms: 792,450,000

Pre Sale

100,000,000 (100 Million Tokens)

Co Founders

281,250,000 (281,25 Million Tokens)

Contractors and Coders

250,000,000 (250 Million Tokens)


66,300,000 (66,30 Million Tokens)

Early Stage Investors

10,000,000 (10 Million Tokens)

Total Supply

1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion Tokens)

No Transaction Tax

What is a transaction tax?

Transaction taxes are imposed by many crypto projects, and ( : involve the project taking a percentage of the tokens that are transfered, sold or bought. Many projects do this to provide long-term funding for their project, expecially when the tokens themselves lack real utility. Whilst some argue that it’s good for preventing users from making lots of smaller buys/sells to try and profit from price fluctuations, the issue is that it can have a massive impact on the amount of tokens users receive.

Why isn’t UMOJA using tax?

UMOJA doesn’t use transaction tax, because of our African Origin and our Vision of becoming the only currency to be used between Africans. The entire ethos of Umoja centers around the Umoja ecosystem, and we don’t want people to lose money when they enter (or leave) that ecosystem. That’s why, at Umoja, we’ve made a commitment to never tax any token transfers. One People, One Continent, One Currency

Umoja is the vision of a United Africa

using one currency for one people. We will remove the boundaries and borders created by colonists, and the financial limitations that still today bear witness of the intricate systems introduced by colonists. The multiple currencies currently embedded in Africa means banks and other financial institutions make a profit when two Africans on each side of a border conduct a transaction. This Is Wrong. Umoja Coin Will Right The Wrongs.

No Access to traditional banking

In some African countries average people do not have access to banking, which means the entry barrier for obtaining a bank account or a credit or debit card is too steep. That means these Africans will forever be trapped in financial systems designed to keep Africans trapped and exclude them from the opportunities that financial trading and transactions allow for.

Cross border transactions using the same currency

Umoja will address that problem and enable everyone on the African continent only equipped with a smartphone to conduct business transactions using the same cure, regardless of where on the African continent you are located. Some will correctly point out that some African countries per inhabitants own and use cryptocurrencies. Umoja coin is fully aware of this fact in fact we embrace this fact as it is a clear token of the wrongful thinking scattered across our beautiful continent and prohibiting the modern African to use a digital currency. It is our hope that Umoja Coin will ignite and accommodate a long-overdue debate between all stakeholders regarding one currency for one person residing on one continent. Umoja Coin will be One Digital Cryptocurrency for One Continent.

Umoja Explained

Umoja Coin RoadMap

June 1 2023

Umoja will Offer its Initial coin offering (ICO) on 1 June 2023 becoming the fundamental promise of better feature for Africa.

Q1. 2023
CEX Listing
CEX Listing

Focus on the CEX
Partnership Umoja is aiming to be on all main exchanges.

Feb 2023
Pre launch
Pre sale

100.000.000 Mill Token are for sale, Gram them while you can, Initial CEX listings, Regular marketing events

Dec 2022
Umoja Launch

Website Launch, Full security audit,
Umoja influencer marketing drive

Sep 2022
Early Stage Funding
Early Stage Funding

10,000,000 Tokens were offered to an exclusive group of Investors. 
The funding was completed in 5 days.

Jun 2022
Aiming for a better Africa
Scaling Umoja Coin

The original concept of Umoja Coin is scaled to cover all Africa, and united all Africans all over the continent - and Afro minded and spirited across the world

Dec 2021
The Umoja Vision was born
Single Currency

The Vision of a single currency to assist the Masai people across the Kenyan/Tanzanian border was born.

How To Buy UMC

3. easy steps to claim your UMC Tokens

Step 1 Get a Wallet

  • Click here to create a MetaMask Account or Login to your existing MetaMask Account.
  • MetaMask supports UmojaCoin and is available both online and directly from your device (downloadable).

Step 2. Buy Polygon (MATIC) Tokens

  • You can only claim Umoja Coins using Polygon (MATIC) Tokens, and you need to load your MetaMask account with polygon (MATIC) tokens. 
  • Buy Polygon (MATIC) tokens using your favorite crypto Platform or use Transak using your credit or debit card.

Step 3. Connect your Wallet to Umoja Coin.

  • Once you've connected your wallet, you'll be presented with options to claim UMC token.
  • Type in the amount of UMC you wish to claim.
  • Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also show you the cost of gas.

Minimum Claim $10
Maximum Claim $100.000

(Remember to add Gas Fees)

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